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What's the band size?

What's the cup size?

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Now, let's move on to your measurements.

(Grab a measuring tape)

Starting with your band measurement:

Wearing a lightly lined bra, wrap the measuring tape around your rib cage under your bust.
Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.
Take a nice yoga breath and on your exhale take your measurement (in inches, please).

Next up is cup size:
(Don't worry though, we'll do all the math.)

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust.
Double check that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor.
Then, take your measurement and enter it below (in inches please).

Now for some Real Talk...

What are some of your pain points and fit issues?

(Pick as many as apply)

Don't worry, we'll get your fit fixed up!

No pain points, lucky lady ;)

We've done the math on your perfect fit

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