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During the holiday season, there are gifts you give, and gifts you give yourself—and then, there are gifts that do both. When it comes to mutually pleasurable offerings, lingerie ranks high on the list, though it’s a gift that can be enjoyed with or without a partner.

That’s why we’re in love with Liberté, the black female-founded lingerie line that manages to accomplish the elusive feat of being sexy, superbly crafted and supportive—in other words, these are lacy little luxuries that aren’t just for show, though good luck taking your eyes off them.We first encountered the brand during its successful Kickstarter phase, when founder and veteran lingerie model Amber Tolliver announced her intention to create a collection of luxury-level, size-inclusive intimate apparel that ranged from 32C to 38H and extra-small to 2X. Eighteen months later, she’s helming a tightly edited, but full-fledged lingerie brand equipped to make a range of sizes feel good from the inside out. (And yes, I can vouch for it; believe it or not, I’m actually wearing Liberté as I write this.)

Because of the exceptional quality of Liberté’s goods—currently available in Onyx (black), Blush (pale pink) and my favorite, Midnight (navy blue)—this isn’t a pedestrian price point; bras range from $82 to $118, and panties from $40 to $50. But speaking as an H-cup myself, for those of us who struggle with sizing, we know you often get what you pay for.

Illustration for article titled The Glow Ups Guide to Gifting: Lets Get Intimate...With Liberté
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“For me, it’s a luxury brand,” Tolliver, who knows well the struggle for those of us with fuller cups, told us ahead of Liberté’s launch. “Everything has to be on point because as women in this in-between place, we have enough options that are subpar and just ‘meh.’ So it needs to be spot-on,” she added.

And because most of us can’t afford a full assortment of luxury lingerie for every day, the holiday season (which happens to coincide with “cuffing season”) is the perfect time to treat someone you love to the experience—even if that means treating yourself. Because, as Tolliver reminds us:

“Let’s be clear: Lingerie is for you.”

The Glow Up tip: You can shop Liberté lingerie via their website—with free shipping on orders over $100.

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